On to Sioux Falls

September 26, 2008

Our great friends, Sarah and Mike McQuade just moved to Sioux Falls a month ago and we had the great honor of being their very first overnight guests! Sarah and I could talk for weeks on end if given the chance. She is a wonderful woman, full of life and joy. Rory and Mike could talk shop for weeks on end. They are both creative-computer types and spent the day working together on a series of videos that will announce the release of Rory’s newest software, Weather Defender. Here is their adorable red-door home. P9240212


Happy Anniversary Baby!

September 26, 2008

September 23rd we celebrated our 3 year anniversary. And I have one thing to say: I love life with Rory. I feel so well cared for, so well loved, so well appreciated. Our first dance at our wedding was to Ben Folds’ “The Luckiest” and that is how I feel.

We celebrated this big day with a wiener roast and kittens. Perfect. It really was. My mom and aunt Jan came down for the day, so there were four aunts, my cousin Kathy (one of my lovely bridesmaids) and her husband Mark, two uncles, my grandma and three 4-day old kittens. I know I already mentioned the kittens, but wait until you see these pictures.

P9230161 P9230163

P9230152 P9230148

P9230166 P9230172

P9230179 P9230182

P9230193 P9230197

P9230188 P9230189

To the FARM!!!

September 26, 2008

When I say “we went to the farm” I actually am including three different family farms. “The Farm” is just what I consider the Welcome, Sherburn, Dunnell family farms that I have visited my entire life.

Rory and I spent two nights at Aunt Annie and Uncle Ed’s house. Annie has a glorious wild flower garden as well as four other huge gardens. When we arrived she all of her baked goods out on the counter, made just that morning: a rhubarb pie, dinner rolls, a swedish tea ring,  caramel rolls and zuccini bread. P9220124



A shout out to family.

September 26, 2008

Rory and I spent the summer at my favorite place on earth, Mount Carmel Family Bible Camp. I love this place because I love how God sets us up in families to pass on the faith, to love one another, to encourage, protect and support the people we know the best and who know us the best. My folks were able to come two times during the summer, and those were my favorite two weeks because I had my family around.

This past Sunday morning, Rory and I went to Shepherd of the Valley for the early service and heard my dad preach. It was so good to hear him preach again, it feels nurturing to me. I spent a lot of time in the Narthex after the service catching up with lots of family friends I haven’t seen in a long time. And I walked to the car feeling loved, affirmed, supported, encouraged. Shepherd of the Valley is family to me.

Then we drove to Cedar Valley Church, where our niece, Maddie (in the picture below), sang powerfully as the special music for the morning. We sat down with Madison (home for a few days to take his docks in) and were surrounded by Groves family friends, so excited to see us. Sara, Troy and Ruby came and sat with us, too. The entire service I was left thinking how fortunate we are to have two churches that love us so well. No matter where Rory and I end up, we have these two congregations of family friends absolutely cheering us on. God is so good.

P9210101 P9210099

After church we went to Don Pablo’s for lunch where we had equal number kids to adults. Here we are doing the wave, led by Ruby. Sundays are so good.

And we’re off…

September 26, 2008

Actually, we’ve been on this adventure for a week now, so here is what we’ve been up to.  Our road trip began with a few days in Chicago, visiting Rory’s folks who are on their own year-long adventure on their boat. They began in March down in Florida and have worked their way up the East Coast, through Canada and all sorts of locks and dams, eventually on to Lake Michigan where we met up with them. You can follow their travels at: www.grovesboat.blogspot.com

P9170013 P9170024

It was so good to catch up after not seeing them since March. These are pictures of the four of us on the Ferris wheel at Navy Pier.   P9180056P9180065

Their boat is named “Joy at Sea.” Here we are eating a salmon and sweet corn dinner, all prepared on the boat. I was impressed!P9190082


It was absolute coincidence, but completely our good fortune that while in Chicago, Sara and Troy were launching their fall tour in Wheaton. So Friday night the four of us piled into the car. The drive should have been 45 minutes, but with traffic and with getting lost it took us 2 1/2 hours. We got lost, we got tense and then we got the giggles. But we got to the show on time and it was phenomenal. Sara and Troy are up to some really cool things with their ministry with the main message urging listeners to be on the look out for where God wants to use our gifts for his kingdom work. You can hear Sara tell about the night at www.myspace.com/artmusicjustice

This photograph is my own contribution of art for the night. Just kidding. It’s just the steadiest shot I got all night.


September 22, 2008

our planned route

our planned route

I was trying to figure out what to name this site. What is this season of life we are in? My mom suggested ‘Groves on the Go’ and I laughed out loud. I think this is a very kind way of saying, ‘Rory and Becca rented out their house for the year and they have nowhere to live.’ So we’re taking a roadtrip. Plan A hasn’t panned out the way we had thought, and plan B is looking like a fantastic adventure heading West.

We’ll keep you posted.