We Groves are Going again…

December 18, 2008

So we have been off of those polka dotted highways for a month now, and life has taken a new turn. Perhaps a post should have been put up from my visit to Nebraska Lutheran Outdoor Ministries, a bible camp and conference center right outside of Omaha. I stopped there the day before we arrived home and had an incredible visit with the executive director and after interviewing with the program director, I was offered a position as a part of their Program Team. www.nlom.org

We have prayed about this and have ended up really, really excited. The job sounds great, the people I have met so far have been fantastic and we are beginning to pack boxes for Nebraska.

I am excited about God’s leading in this new venture. I did nothing to pursue this opportunity and feel that God has simply laid out the next lily pad for us to step on. Rory is completely supportive and I stand in awe that he has work that continues to enable us to move on a whim like this again. I am grateful. (The picture below is of us at the Christian Camp and Conference Association conference in Orlando where we showed Rory’s software to VERY responsive camp folk. )

We are still housesitting, this month at a lovely home in Rosemount. Many have asked our current address, and since we are using a mail forwarding service, I thought I might as well post it here for everyone to have on hand. We’ll send out all of our new info in Omaha as soon as we find a place to live!

Rory and Becca Groves

2200 W. 66th St. #145

Minneapolis, MN 55423

I’m not sure what we’ll do with this blog now that we Groves’ are going to stop Going. Occasional updates of trips and vacations, I suppose. But, I did start a new blog just for my own sake, marking a new season for me: www.beccagroves.blogspot.com I have lots of pictures up there documenting December.

So, thanks for taking this road trip with us. We loved every minute of it, and now we cannot wait to settle into our own “home.” I told Rory, “I am really excited to use our own silverware again! I love our cereal spoons.” Obviously, life will be filled with simple pleasures in a new place. Merry Christmas!