crazy cats get killed

January 30, 2009

Wait! First read yesterday’s post about my dad before reading this, his response to what I wrote. I have a new favorite quote (the title here) that comes directly from the mouth of my grandma. Wise woman. Great quote.

Becca,  I maybe was TOO influential in your life but I/we did manage to get you three kids well into adulthood without any major injuries or lifelong disabilities.   To be truthful,  I am sure I got all that “stuff” from Grandma Harrington.  I can still hear her saying, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” and 100 other comments like that.  another was “crazy cats get killed”.  etc. etc.   anyway, hope you are doing well.  see you soon in AZ.  love you more than you know, DAD 


Dad, you were right.

January 28, 2009

Being a pastor, my dad has either performed the funeral for, or had a clergy buddy perform a funeral for every single possible way a person could die.

And Dad’s parenting brought this fact out time and time again. “Hey, have fun on the ski trip this weekend! Just remember that woman we knew in Michigan who fell of the chairlift and when she went to stand the chair hit her in the head.” Or, “well you can jump on that trampoline, but don’t forget that boy who fell off his tramp and will never walk again.” (Needless to say, I never ended up jumping very high for fear of losing control and therefore my ability to walk.)

None of this was said with any sort of malice…it was just the truth. Dad actually knew these people (and lots of them) and as a result he parented with a nervousness which I ended up inheriting.  You can now catch me saying, “wait, before anyone dives in, do we know how deep the water is right here? I know a woman who once jumped in and broke her leg…” Or, “No. We have to take two cars. Everyone has to have their own seatbelt.”

But I have got a confession.  My dad has been concerned about our space heater and electric blanket for quite some time (as well as halogen lamps, toaster ovens and flat irons that forget to be turned off.) But the night of the fire in the apartment across the way,  we did away with our space heater and our electric blanket realizing the pros just didn’t outweigh the cons. (I can hear my dad exhaling a sigh of relief right now.)

But isn’t that crazy that it took the real deal before I finally heard what my dad was saying?

Parenting must just be annoying sometimes.

Rory and I have been going to a church that we really, really love and during a prayer last Sunday the pastor mentioned the whole “faith as small as a mustard seed” thing. And for some reason, this time it hit me. I think preschool VBS was the first time I was shown a mustard seed and since then the words have washed over me like a good analogy, not quite sinking in.

This time it did though. Maybe it’s because we just took a great leap of faith, following what I know is God’s call to this land called Nebraska.  And like any leap of faith, some days I am fully confident and content and other days I am lonesome and hoping.

So I took out the half pencil and offering envelope stuck in the chair in front of me, wrote the following and stuffed it in my purse:

faith the size of a mustard seed.

do you ever feel that way? Like your faith is actually that small.  because sometimes, in some seasons it just is.

And yet, God will still move mountains for you. He is still mighty to save- even with that tiny mustard seed of faith that we believe in.

I read the envelope each day this week, knowing that I wrote the words to myself. And as I read them again each day, I began to remember the grace of God: God moves the mountains, we just cling to him.

So true, so true.

January 24, 2009

Rory: Did you actually buy these teddy grahams?

Becca: Yes. I like them.

Rory: (after eating a few) The problem is that I can actually taste the church nursery carpet when I eat these things.

My drive to work

January 20, 2009



I am not a morning person, I love my sleep and my sleep loves me. So when I realized that I would have to leave my house at 7:30 each morning to get to work on time, and would have to wake up at 6:30, I just couldn’t fathom how I’d do it.

But so far, I actually haven’t minded it too much. I go to bed early enough and I really like the 20 minute commute of listening to good music driving down a gorgeous country road to camp. I took this picture the other day…probably not the best idea, driving and picture-taking, but I’d say it was worth it.

Incredible evening.

January 12, 2009

I had just finished posting that last blog entry, and Rory came into the bedroom. I commented that I want us to move the computer desk away from the window and put it against the wall. The way it is set up, I can peer directly into the apartments that are no more than 30 yards across the driveway. Because we still have boxes all over, we decided to wait until tomorrow.

Moments later I looked up, and watched a frying pan catch fire, which turned into a stove on fire, and I realized I was witnessing the beginnings of an apartment fire. I can’t explain how slowly my mind processed this. I couldn’t quite believe what I was seeing. I had just called my mom to tell her I had put pictures of our apartment on the blog and ran and asked Rory if I was seeing what I thought I was seeing.

I called 911, called the landlord, and Rory ran down to the family. The dad had been in the shower and had a half shaven head. He had a three year old and a five year old with him and none of them had shoes or coats. We brought them to our apartment and Rory gave the dad shoes and a sweater and sweatshirt.  The dad used my phone to call his wife who was at work, and then his mom and then his brother. Then the dad and Rory went down to meet the fire trucks and I kept the kids in our apartment.

I tried to distract them with string cheese and Planet Earth, but basically we watched the fire move from their kitchen to the living room and into the bedroom. We watched the blinds melt off of the windows, and could still see the television on through the fire.

The firemen arrived and we watched them work, talked about how we didn’t need to be scared of their masks because those help them breathe when they are by the fire.

After 20 minutes, the whole extended family came to our apartment to get the kids and to watch the fire. The mom had come home from work and swooped up her boy. I could not fathom what she was going through. I sent them with blankets and socks and since then I have been watching the firemen work in the dark apartment across the way. I just took this picture to show the relation between my laptop and their window.


I don’t know how God works, but we just moved this desk into this room this afternoon. And I just moved my laptop on it tonight. And when 911 asked for the address of where I live I couldn’t think straight and said we have only lived here one week. But I know I was the only one to see this fire, and even in the minutes while waiting for the fire trucks, no one else was around to help.

So keep Tristin and Raven in your prayers- two sweet kids who just lost all their favorite things. Thank the Lord everyone is safe tonight.

We’re here!

January 12, 2009

I’m not sure I have ever stuffed more into one week than we have stuffed into this last one. A move is a lot of work. And starting a new job takes a lot of energy. So I thought I’d start blogging a bit again. (Besides, Rory just kicked me off of the tv (Golden Globes!) so he could watch 24. And since I can’t handle that show, I thought I’d drop by my abandoned blog. 24 is just too, too suspenseful for this nervous nelly.)

We had a slight fiasco upon arrival to Omaha. Rory called our apartment landlord and asked if we could move in a day early. The secretary said, “oh, we were going to call you. We leased that apartment to another woman on accident. The other lady showing apartments forgot there was a pencil hold on that apartment and she showed it and the lease has already been signed.” They had assured us we could sign the lease upon arrival…Rory had really wanted to fax it back and forth but ended up feeling confident that nothing would go wrong. Whoopsie Daisy. It’s a good thing we are Groves-on-the-go and are quite adept at this sort of thing.

We spent the night at a Comfort Inn in Omaha with the Uhaul tucked under a parking lot light, and Toonces sleeping between us. Rory stayed up until 3 am, looking for housing in the area, and as it turned out, the very first place we looked at in the morning was absolutely perfect…better than the Apartment #1, in fact.

So here are some pics of our new pad. This is mostly for our mom’s, but for all who are interested, enjoy!

P1030242   P1110006

Our apartment is the top windows in this picture. Our bedroom has both windows in it, and the top deck connects to our living room.

P1110010    P1110013

The bedroom is not ready for photographs at this time. 🙂 All the boxes had to go somewhere!