PYCHYNSKI Easter Eggs!

April 13, 2009

Oh man, do I have a favorite Easter tradition joining my world of traditions. I already cannot wait for next year. Last year Lisa had Sara and I over for a ladies afternoon of Ukrainian Egg dying, known as Pychynski. Lisa is Polish and Ukrainian so to learn from her is really incredible. So this year I wrote her an email that said, “I’d like to invite myself over for more egg dying (and my mom and my grandma)” She wasn’t going to get all the gear out this year, but I am so THANKFUL that she did:

 Easter 2009 005 Easter 2009 004

When we showed up, we each had a station (Rory took Grandma’s place) and 14 colors of dye to choose from.

Easter 2009 021  Easter 2009 026

We began by drawing with pencil on our blown eggs, then adding bee’s wax with a special tool to draw on our eggs, and would dye the egg in the next color. This is horribly hard to explain (I’ve tried all weekend) but something you MUST try to experience one day.

Easter 2009 011 Easter 2009 008

Lisa got us babushka’s for our hair! Don’t we fit the part?!! She is the master teacher…honestly, I think she could offer this for the month before Easter and make some money next year! It’s a hard art form to teach, but she was so patient and made a killer lunch with aged provolone! 🙂

    Easter 2009 018  Easter 2009 007

Easter 2009 029  Easter 2009 030

Easter 2009 025  Easter 2009 035

Easter 2009 037  Easter 2009 039

It was a phenomenal morning and afternoon. And we left evidence that we had been there…

Easter 2009 040

I always say there are three words that describe Lisa Groves: Above and Beyond.

I love being her sister.


5 Responses to “PYCHYNSKI Easter Eggs!”

  1. annika said

    What a cool art-form to experience! Beautiful!

  2. Looks like an amazing time! That Lisa Groves… Above and beyond is right! I might have to invite myself over next year! 😉

  3. Kristin said

    Wow! Those look amazing and so much fun to do!! Maybe you should warn Lisa that I may invite myself over one of these years!

  4. Lisa said

    Wow, I just got so choked up. We did these the day after my dads b-day. He made his own tools and harvested his own beeswax for these! I am so glad I still have these memories to pass on.

    I am so NOT a great teachet, I just had very willing students! Even Rory amazed me with his creation!

    Next year, whoever wants to join us, must first visit the Ukranian Gift Shop up in Rosevelle. Sara and I hit that ealier in the week and it just so gets your juices flowing with ideas. The store has been owned by ukranians for 47 years and Luba is an amzaing artist you have to meet!

    Then after our road trip, we come and do pysanky!

  5. Elsa said

    I’m catching up on my blog reading and I love your pictures! What amazing eggs! Looks like you married into an equally talented family to your own.

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